Our approach

We develop a strategic branding plan for all clients prior to the NBA Draft and continue to implement throughout your entire career. The Marketing Edge Campaign sets you apart from the rest.

Endorsement Marketing

Our team leverages your image enhancement campaign to generate lucrative endorsements on a global scale. In addition, our team positions you within the national marketplace to secure personal appearances, commercial-film opportunities and speaking engagements.

Community Relations

Edge stresses the importance of building a relationship with your hometown and playing community. We match our clients with a charity of their choice to impact change and create an environment where today’s youth will emulate the traits of a true leader both on and off the court.

Media Relations

In the age of mega contracts, multi-billion dollar network deals & trend setting advertising campaigns, the athlete has become the center of it all. Our media relations efforts are laser focused on maintaining a positive public image in order to build substantial name equity.