In the age of multi-million dollar contracts, billion dollar television network deals and trend-setting advertising campaigns the athlete has become the center of it all. It is the athlete who can make an inner city youth spend his money on $150.00 shoes or motivate an impressionable 12- year-old to stay in school. Simply put, athletes trigger imitative behavior. The most marketable athletes are those who understand the importance of maintaining a positive public image in order to capitalize on their athletic achievements. The Marketing Edge is the key to success off-the-court.

Edge Sports International (ESI) develops a strategic, integrated marketing plan for each of its athletes--ESI gives our clients the Marketing Edge . Our marketing plan includes a tailored public relations campaign that utilizes media training to keep our clients poised in the face of the critical print reporter, the broadcast journalist who is reporting on a breaking story, or the proud hometown columnist boasting about its star's achievements.

ESI's long standing relationships with key executives from major film studios, casting agencies, blue-chip corporations and advertising firms has generated marketing opportunities for our clients ranging from film and commercial roles, national, regional and local endorsement deals, as well as autograph signings throughout the country.

ESI stresses the importance of building a relationship with the community. Aligning the athlete with a charity may help bond him or her with the local fans or bring nationwide identity to an underserved population. ESI advised NFL All-Pro, Randy Moss to develop a community program with the St. Joseph's Home, an emergency care shelter for children in Minneapolis. Moss purchased season tickets for the kids and hand-delivered the donation with Minnesota Vikings head coach Dennis Green. The appearance received positive coverage from local and national media. Moss' continued dedication towards the home has made a major impact on the shelter as well as enhanced his reputation in the community.